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Speed workouts + running outfit + leaning tree

Who else is ready for the weekend??   I am a little extra excited because I’m going to visit a college friend, meet her adorable little girl, and am running a half marathon on Sunday!  I modified my workouts this past week due to an irritated knee from my last long run.  I’m 99% sure […]

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Breakfast potatoes + long run + Christmas decor

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Between the holidays and being sick I missed the last post, so this is almost a week recap! I spent thanksgiving at my clinic seeing all the sick dogs who ate too much thanksgiving food themselves! Honestly, it wasn’t a bad ER day, but I caught the crud […]

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Change + Financial Advising

I had a beautiful long run on Monday. 8 miles of trails close to work. I, like many other runners, have a metaphorical wall I hit when on a long run. Around 3-4 miles into the run I STRUGGLE. All I can think about is when I can take a break or if I can […]

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Quality time + benefits of walking your dog

And just like that, were almost through another week! The Hubbs and I finally spent an evening together on the sofa catching up on tv shows. Pretty sure this is the first night we’ve been together in the past 5 days… and we were both in the same town.  That’s life sometimes. What’s important is […]

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