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Strength training + gym intimidation + shakeology

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been neglectful of the blog recently due to craziness at work. Sorry, I’ll try to do better! We have one doctor on her honeymoon and one who moved to Texas. Being two doctors down in an emergency practice makes for a rough work week, but this too shall pass! The holidays are […]

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Speed workouts + running outfit + leaning tree

Who else is ready for the weekend??   I am a little extra excited because I’m going to visit a college friend, meet her adorable little girl, and am running a half marathon on Sunday!  I modified my workouts this past week due to an irritated knee from my last long run.  I’m 99% sure […]

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Change + Financial Advising

I had a beautiful long run on Monday. 8 miles of trails close to work. I, like many other runners, have a metaphorical wall I hit when on a long run. Around 3-4 miles into the run I STRUGGLE. All I can think about is when I can take a break or if I can […]

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My day off + house chores + RunGirl half

It’s Tuesday! This isn’t a very exciting day for most people, but it’s my day off! One of the perks of working at an ER clinic is you get days off during the week. It’s how we balance it all out. People always ask me, “what did you do on your day off?!” like I […]

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