Runner, Veterinarian, Wife, and Blogger- just trying to keep it all together

Senior pets

I think I look at old dogs and cats the way other people look at puppies. They warm and break your heart all at the same time. To me old pets are the epitome of unconditional love. They’ve been there with us though good times, bad times, moves, kids, breakups, and marriages. Some have been […]

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Porcupine vs Dog

Happy half way through the week day! Some days working at an emergency practice is hectic and endless.  Hospitalized patients, walk-ins, boarders, emergencies, and regular patient appointments are all in an 8 (hopefully) hour work day. This was not one of those days.  Yes the morning is always busy, but everything just seemed to fall […]

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Heartworms- is it really a worm?

If you have a pet, you’ve probably heard of heartworms. You may not know exactly what they are, or maybe you think it’s just another reminder you get in the mail, but either way I would like to use this post to explain the mystery of heartworms. How does your pet get heartworms? Mosquitos! Which […]

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The struggle is real

Happy Monday!!  Today is a real struggle Monday. I feel like there is a certain stigma with most runners to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to get a run in for the day, especially during training.  I, like a lot of others, work a full time job and sometimes don’t feel like […]

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Why blog?

I’m sure the common question to ask is, why am I starting this blog? Why does anyone care about another career driven woman, runner, or veterinarian for that matter. The answer is, I don’t have an answer. I’ve thought of starting a blog for years. At some point of almost every day I think to […]

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