About Me

About Me


My name is Krista, I’m 28 years old and currently reside in Colorado

To sum it up, I am:

A small animal emergency veterinarian, marathon runner, trail runner, wife, Ole Miss Rebel, and most recently- a blogger.

I graduated vet school from Mississippi State University in 2016 and promptly moved to Colorado for work. I have two awesome dogs and an equally awesome husband. I currently work at a small animal emergency practice and in my spare time I have developed a new passion for trail running. The trails in Colorado are endless which is something I longed for while living in MS. I try to live life in the moment and never take for granted the short time we may be given. This is where my passion for my career and running comes from. Life’s too short to spend it inside and doing something you don’t love. I met my husband in high school and we’ve been married almost 4 years. He’s not a runner, which at times I loathe and other times I take joy in. We enjoy hiking together and exploring different places in our beautiful new state. Hopefully this covers the boring basics we all find necessary to write when sharing our lives with the world. 😉

Live. Love. Run.