New Years Eve + Resolutions

New Years Eve + Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

I rounded out 2017 with a last-minute trip to see family in Mississippi. It’s always good to go home and spend quality time with the fam no matter what the reason that brings you there. We spent New Year’s Eve in true Mississippi fashion with a patio fire pit, fireworks, and distant sounds of gunfire. It was great.



New Years


I’ve always felt New Year’s Eve is an overrated holiday. The idea is to get all dressed up in a sparkly new outfit, stay up way past your regular bedtime, drink champagne, and start the real celebration at midnight. It’s never what it’s cracked up to be, in my opinion. My idea of a good New Years is spending time with friends or family in comfy clothes and going to sleep as soon as the clock hits 12, if you manage to stay up that late. Wake up refreshed, no hangover, and ready to take on the resolutions you set for yourself.

I’m also not big on New Years resolutions. I think the idea of reflecting on the good and the bad to make changes for the positive is a great idea. Making a list of to-dos for the next year is setting yourself up for failure. It’s hard to keep 7 blanket resolutions about how to eat better, lose 10lbs, and make more money. Instead I try to set goals for myself and my family of what I’d like to achieve in the next year or what I did well in the past year that should continue.

My goals for this year are
1. Buy a house
2. Make my weekly plan for workouts and stick to it. Including early morning runs (when the weather is warmer)
3. Find our place in life as a couple and what we want to give back/ achieve.


The first two are pretty standard and pretty attainable. The third is a little more difficult. We’re at the age and places in our careers that many people would be considering things like children. We have never said yes or no to the idea of starting a family bigger than us and our dogs. We’ve been really happy with our lives and still are, but I think there’s more out there for us. I’m not quite sure what that means yet. We toss around every idea you can think of from becoming foster parents, to adopting, to having our own kids. None of these are easy decisions and we still have some talking to do about what would be best for us and for the potential “addition”. I’m hoping something will come along that helps push us one way or another this year.
I also hope to find my ideal distance for running and really try to push myself to set some PRs. I’ve always been a good runner, and I do train for the races I register for. I never have focused on one distance and pushed my body to achieve something more. With my back being less of a fan of pavement, I spent a lot of this past year trail running. I think the half marathon will be my sweet spot for distance so I can keep my back happy. It’s also an attainable distance for training runs. The thought of spending 4-5 hours for a long run with my current schedule is not a pleasant one. I could do it, but I like my life in Colorado and want to still spend days skiing or visiting breweries with friends when I’m not working. I may try to throw some triathlon and obstacle races in the mix this summer as well.

Spartan race


Sometimes it is hard to reflect back on a year in time and think about what you would do different or what you would like to see happen for the next year. I think the important part is to strive to achieve more and be more.
At the end of the day however you think of it, 2018 is a new year and a clean slate to be the person you want to be. No one is perfect, but we sure can try to be better than we were.

Whats your goals??

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