Month: January 2018

Blessed + Family + Georgia

BLESSED. I think that’s the appropriate term for how I feel. The older I get the more I understand how truly blessed I am. Not that I didn’t already know, but the appreciation for it changes as you get older. This weekend my family met up for our belated Christmas celebration in Georgia. Last year […]

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The struggle in Vet Medicine

Veterinary medicine has its own set of struggles just like any other profession.  I think the thing that makes our profession so different is the aspect of life or death.  Yes, they are just pets, but these pets are peoples’ family members.  My ability to diagnose and make proper decisions about a diagnosis may be the […]

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New Years Eve + Resolutions

Happy New Year!! I rounded out 2017 with a last-minute trip to see family in Mississippi. It’s always good to go home and spend quality time with the fam no matter what the reason that brings you there. We spent New Year’s Eve in true Mississippi fashion with a patio fire pit, fireworks, and distant […]

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