Strength training + gym intimidation + shakeology

Strength training + gym intimidation + shakeology

Happy Tuesday!
I’ve been neglectful of the blog recently due to craziness at work. Sorry, I’ll try to do better!

We have one doctor on her honeymoon and one who moved to Texas. Being two doctors down in an emergency practice makes for a rough work week, but this too shall pass! The holidays are drawing near, and I should have a few days off to help recuperate.
Just waiting for Christmas..


I have focused more on strength training lately versus my normal running routine. It’s been a nice change of pace and feeling stronger is never a bad thing. I’m honestly not that great at lifting weights so I had to lay out a schedule for myself to hit the major muscle groups I wanted to focus on.
I lift weights two days out of the week. The other days I still run, spin, or go to barre class.
Day 1 of weights consists of:
1. Shoulder press
2. Cable rows
3. 3- 1 minute planks
4. Push ups
5. Lunges
6. Deadlifts
7. Free weight squats

Days 2 is:
1. Tricep extensions
2. Bicep curls- dumbells
3. Lat pulldowns
4. Leg press
5. Pec fly- dumbells
6. Calf raises- machine
I usually end with 20-30 minutes of elliptical or stair master

strength training


It’s nice to see new muscles develop and feel my legs get stronger for running. I know weights are an important part of training for runners, but I’ve never been good at that aspect. There’s something about going to the gym to lift weights that’s intimidating. It’s not logical. Everyone in the gym is doing the same thing you’re there to do, get stronger and lose weight. I’m obviously not a professional lifter, neither are most people in the gym, but it feels like you’re being judged based off what weights and activities you’re doing. For instance, I don’t like using the bar and discs for squats. I’m afraid of hurting my very fragile back and I think my form remains better when I use free weights vs a long bar. When I do this, I feel like my squats are perceived as less difficult or “girly” compared to the normal squats with a bar and weights. Maybe some people who see me doing this do believe the above, but does that matter? I try to remind myself that my strong doesn’t have to compare to the beefed up guy or girl who spends 2 hours every day at the gym.  My fitness level is descent, so if I feel this way, I imagine others do as well.  Body image is a powerful thing, no matter what fitness shape you’re in.  I could do most of my weight training at home, but I pay for a gym so I can use the group classes. So for me it’s wasteful to not use the gym for weights too.

For a while I have considered trying shakeology, or something similar, to help with my overall nutrition. It’s not to add protein now that I’m a huge gym buff 😉, but because I am lazy and don’t eat as well as I always should. For me, it’s more about having a well-rounded balanced diet with some vitamins, probiotics, and yes protein is a plus. I think shakeology has a great product and the nutrition is spot on. There is not a lot of sugar or fluff that’s unnecessary. Here’s my problem with shakeology-it’s pricey. I don’t need a supplement bad enough to warrant paying what their program costs. So, I stated searching for an alternative that has a similar nutritional basis as shakeology. What I found was a company called Naturade. The shake is Vegan Smart All In One. It’s not a meal replacement shake. It’s purely a supplement. I’m not vegan, but this product checks all my boxes, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s on amazon and a 15 day supply is about $20, so it definitely doesn’t break the bank.

Naturade vegansmart

Today I blended two scoops with water, almond milk, and frozen mangos.  I’m not gonna lie, it was not awesome.  I don’t think it was the powder itself.  I think it was operator error.  I’m not good at making smoothies and my ratio was way off.  I’ll try again.

I’ll let you know the verdict after I use it for a while, but I’m excited to try it out.

Our Christmas plan is to go skiing. We’re having family Christmas is January for scheduling reasons, so this year we are gonna go meet some friends in Breckinridge and ski. It isn’t the most classical way to spend Christmas, but it works for us. I’m hoping for lots of snow to fall in the next week! We haven’t had a lot of snow this season so the ski slopes are pretty lack luster.

christmas lights

We went driving around to see the Christmas lights people put up.  This is ONE house! Life goals

I hope everyone’s Christmas shopping is nearing an end!

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