Speed workouts + running outfit + leaning tree

Speed workouts + running outfit + leaning tree

Who else is ready for the weekend??


I am a little extra excited because I’m going to visit a college friend, meet her adorable little girl, and am running a half marathon on Sunday!  I modified my workouts this past week due to an irritated knee from my last long run.  I’m 99% sure it is my own fault, because I waited a little too long to buy new running shoes.  My body is pretty good about telling me when I need new shoes, I just choose to ignore it sometimes.  Good news is I ordered another pair, and they should be here soon.  I don’t plan to run the half marathon in them because even though they are the same shoes, I feel like its asking for race day troubles.


Sunday- 10 mile trails

Monday-rest and stretch day

Tuesday- Barre class and 3 miles running on the treadmill.  (We had a guest instructor this week who taught Booty Barre, my hamstrings have never been so sore)

Wednesday- Repeats: 0.5 mile warm up.  0.5mile repeats at 7min/mile with 0.25 mile jog in between.  4 miles total

Today- 1 hour elliptical intervals (trying to mend the knee)

Tomorrow I plan to do an easy 4 miles.  I typically do not work out the day before a race unless I meed

I haven’t set a goal for this half marathon.  I’m not sure that I have a good idea of what to physically expect because the last race I ran was a muddy frozen trail run.

Speed workouts are the most beneficial run for me during training (aside from the long runs).  I ran cross-country when I was younger, and intervals were something I dreaded.  You push yourself to maximum exertion for an extended period of time, then come to an abrupt stop, and if you’re lucky you don’t vomit.  Then you repeat those steps until your coach was satisfied.



I’ve since learned how to incorporate speed workouts into my training more effectively so that now I really look forward to those training days. Running at an uncomfortable but consistent pace for a set distance should be the main goal.   This means something different to every runner.  I run a lot of these on the treadmill, because I find it easier to set a speed on the machine instead of running circles around a track.  Your pace in between ending a sprint and starting again is also important.  Maintaining a certain pace, even in recovery, helps to maintain an overall endurance in the muscles. I typically run half mile intervals with a quarter-mile recovery between.  Here’s some reasons why you should incorporate speed work into your training plan.

  1. It improves your top end speed which means that running at a slower speed seems easier.
  2. Sprinting forces the muscle to recruit more fibers to help sustain the speed- this builds more muscle over time, leading to more power.
  3. It improves running form.  It’s hard to run sloppy when you’re at maximum speed.
  4. Mentally interval training goes by fast.  You’re always waiting for the next part, speeding up or recovering so before you know it, you’ve run 5 miles.
  5. It’s fast!! Need a quick but effective running workout? Even shorter distance sprints are effective and don’t take much time overall.

I like this one by liftingrevoltion.com

There are some great articles on the science behind speed intervals and why they help with distance running but this one is my favorite.

I’m still planning my outfit for the RunGirl half marathon, so more pictures of that after the race!  Right now I only have this skirt as a definite.

I think after this half marathon I’m going to focus on some strength training for a little while.  I’ll still run, of course, but with more days focused on weights and getting back into some spin classes.

In other news, we did go get a Christmas tree this week, but it’s not quite decorated.   We have come to the conclusion that the tree itself is too small for our stand.  We tried adding little blocks of wood at all the pressure points in the stand, but it’s still leaning.  For now, we put it against the wall and Jett told me tomorrow night we will make a final plan for it and decorate it.  We’ll see how that goes!

Back on ER shift tonight, so hopefully it’s a calm one.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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