Month: December 2017

Christmas + pitch perfect + arthritis

Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone’s Christmas break was happy and filled with loved ones! We got to enjoy a very white Christmas here and the snow has not stopped yet.   I’m getting a lot of achy dogs coming into the clinic right now, so I thought I would talk about arthritis and the options to […]

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Strength training + gym intimidation + shakeology

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been neglectful of the blog recently due to craziness at work. Sorry, I’ll try to do better! We have one doctor on her honeymoon and one who moved to Texas. Being two doctors down in an emergency practice makes for a rough work week, but this too shall pass! The holidays are […]

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Race photos + date night + Christmas pets

Happy Sunday!   Race day pictures went up this past week and I have to say, I was not impressed. I love race pictures because they are candid and represent the ups and downs of distance running very well, but my last race pictures were not very entertaining. They must have missed all the snot rockets […]

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Race day recap + Food allergies in dogs

Race day Recap! The days leading up to the race Sunday were less than what I would call ideal. My ER shift Thursday night was long and Friday was not much better. Got home late and exhausted, forgot I needed to do laundry, and needed to pack. I went to work Saturday morning and did somehow […]

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Speed workouts + running outfit + leaning tree

Who else is ready for the weekend??   I am a little extra excited because I’m going to visit a college friend, meet her adorable little girl, and am running a half marathon on Sunday!  I modified my workouts this past week due to an irritated knee from my last long run.  I’m 99% sure […]

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