Breakfast potatoes + long run + Christmas decor

Breakfast potatoes + long run + Christmas decor

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Between the holidays and being sick I missed the last post, so this is almost a week recap!

I spent thanksgiving at my clinic seeing all the sick dogs who ate too much thanksgiving food themselves! Honestly, it wasn’t a bad ER day, but I caught the crud that’s been going around my clinic and that made for a long night. There’s nothing worse than being sick and not being home. We had a super long Friday, so I was beat by the time I walked through the door Friday night at 8pm.

I took Saturday morning off from work and just slept. It was life changing. I got some vitamin C in me and felt like I was becoming human again.
This is what every surface looked like in my house! Tissue, snacks, medicine, coffee

I went for a short jog with Jefferson in hopes it would clear up some of my ailments. It definitely didn’t, but it didn’t make me worse so that was a plus. Jeffie enjoyed it at least.

The husband made some taco soup for dinner, which is one of my favs. Super easy and always makes great leftovers. I use this recipe by but follow it loosely.

I went to bed early hoping to be in recovery mode by this morning. I did feel much better today, but was still sneezing and snotting everywhere so we skipped church for this week. I did however make some breakfast potatoes and eggs for our Sunday breakfast. So easy!

Here’s how I make them:
1. Red potatoes
2. Olive oil
3. Salt and pepper
4. Seasoning of your choice (Italian for mine)
take 5-6 red potatoes and cut them into small cubes.
Drizzle the cut potatoes with olive oil and seasoning. I season mine with Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper for my breakfast version. Sometimes I use Cajun seasoning for dinner.
Toss them, then put them in a skillet with warmed olive oil.
The key to this recipe is.. leave them alone! Toss them every once in a while to keep each side cooking evenly, but seriously, put the lid on and leave them. It takes about 30 minutes on my stove top for them to be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Jett loves them.

Then I put out our Christmas decorations. We don’t own our house yet, so I don’t have a ton of Christmas decor. I want to wait until I know exactly what I’m decorating before I buy the stores out. What we have works for now.

We’re going to get a tree later tonight!!

I did manage to get my long run in today. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it today as planned due to my cold. I love trail running, but the beginning of this run was just irritating. I’m not a very technical person, but I do have a few things I like for my long runs.
1. Charged headphones
2. Hydration pack
3. Charged gps watch
For some reason I could not get it together for the first 2 miles. First, I didn’t plan well because of my cold, so my watch was dying. I didn’t really care because I had already planned this run online before, so I knew the route mileage. Second, my hydration pack was bouncing to the point where it was knocking my headphones out of my ears. Once I tightened it down, it rubbed my shoulder-blade to the point of bleeding. Third, I had never been on this trail so I kept having to check my phone for location so that I didn’t get myself lost. (The only reason why not having my Garmin annoys me)
I need you to imagine me running, my pack bouncing, trying to put headphones back in, while my phone is in my hand for directions. I was super super annoyed. It got the better of me for about a mile, then I just said screw it, pulled my headphones out, put my phone in my pack, and ran. I need to get a better running pack, but I’m tired of purchasing them just to find out they don’t work for me.

After all this, my 10 miler was beautiful. The sun was out, it was 70 degrees, and I had no concerns. However, I was running on a shared single lane trail. I don’t mind sharing with mountain bikers at all, but today I had to speak up for runners. All I ask is if you come up behind me, SAY SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING! Most bikers follow this etiquette, but one guy today decided to get right behind me and slow to a creep until I jumped when I realized he was there. I obviously moved, but as he giggled I said to him, “if you would just say something, I would gladly move out of your way.” I think he learned this lesson because later we crossed again, and as he got close said “on your left.” I thanked him, as I would anyone who politely makes their presence known. It’s the small things.


My half marathon is next Sunday and I think I’m ready. I don’t really have any goals for this one. I’m changing climates completely and I only “trained” for 3 weeks. I know I can comfortably finish it, just don’t know if I’ll like the time. I’m super excited to see my friend and meet her new baby girl! I’m hoping for a smooth week that goes by fast! Now Hubbs and I are off to find the perfect tree!

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