Quality time + benefits of walking your dog

Quality time + benefits of walking your dog

And just like that, were almost through another week!

The Hubbs and I finally spent an evening together on the sofa catching up on tv shows. Pretty sure this is the first night we’ve been together in the past 5 days… and we were both in the same town.  That’s life sometimes.
What’s important is taking the time to catch back up and just talk.
As usual, Winston must be in the center.

I enjoyed a great 6 mile trail run yesterday. The weather was a bit chilly but the sun was out so you couldn’t ask for more.

My hope for this training is if I keep running trails, when I  run the half marathon on pavement, my speed will be drastically improved. I’m sure it’s mostly mental, but that’s what I’m telling myself. Speaking of things that are all mental, I didn’t plan out my route prior to running yesterday, so I had to loop back by my car to add an extra mile on. Never a good tactic. Even though I physically was fine to run the planned 6 miles, I really wanted to quit at 5 when I got back to my car. Funny how that works. The good news was the majority of that extra mile was down hill, so that made it more bearable.

my poor garmin is so scratched!

I got home and was instantly reminded of this..

The product of all the laundry I did on Tuesday. Having your laundry room, main room, and bedroom on three separate levels really is a challenge. By the time I’ve finished it all and lugged it back up the stairs to fold it, well you can see for yourself. It sits there until we slowly take it upstairs to our bedroom.

Today is a rest and stretch day, so the dogs got a walk in over lunch.

I believe dogs must view the world as a giant toilet.   Sniffing where other dogs have peed and then peeing on what is now deemed their own, is pretty much what they live for.

I believe walking our pets is important and not just for them, but for us.  It forces you to decompress (if you leave your phone at home!).  It’s keeps you active and burning calories when you would otherwise be sitting on the sofa.  It’s mentally and physically stimulating for them!  Everyone feels differently about pets cognitive abilities, but I personally think they need enrichment outside of the house.  A yard is awesome, and definitely helps with exercise, but getting out on a leashed walk teaches them discipline too.  It’s rewarding for all parties involved.

This article by Huffington Post gives 10 health benefits of having a dog.  Almost half of them revolve around keeping you active in some form or another.  Just saying, get a dog, walk the dog!

We have a busy weekend scheduled with friends and some skiing on Sunday so my long run NEEDS to happen Saturday morning.  I  previously had a running group in Mississippi that I loved and would gladly sacrifice my Saturday morning to wake up at 5am for.  It’s not just the actual running, but the time after and getting to know other runners and hear their stories.  I found a great running group here in Colorado, but it conflicts with work most weekends so sadly I have only attended a handful of times.  I strongly suggest finding running buddies or a running group.  Wether you are a brand new or seasoned runner.  We’ve all been there, and there is always something more to learn.

Ragnar Relay 2012 with an awesome group of friends


Hope everyone rounded out their week with a smile! I’m off to more ER adventures.

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