My day off + house chores + RunGirl half

My day off + house chores + RunGirl half

It’s Tuesday! This isn’t a very exciting day for most people, but it’s my day off! One of the perks of working at an ER clinic is you get days off during the week. It’s how we balance it all out.
People always ask me, “what did you do on your day off?!” like I should have done something super exciting. Most people don’t mean it that way, but I thought I’d share what a day off looks like for me.

First, don’t get me wrong, my day off is awesome and I cherish it. I laugh when people ask that question, because I think they don’t realize that I do the same things everyone else gets done on the weekend. It’s pretty boring. Sure, I could do more.. but when would all the house chores get done?

Today I got up, had some coffee, and hit the gym. Barre class then some cardio. I’m not sure what I was thinking this morning, but I wore my really old worn out running shoes to the gym, instead of my current running shoes. This may not sound like a big difference to many people, but to a runner, it’s huge. Old shoes are the worst. The lack of cushion and support in old shoes will hurt your back, knees, and yes, your feet. It’s why most runners bulk purchase running shoes. It’s important.

Anyway, back on topic, I decided to do 2 miles on the treadmill at an uncomfortable pace (8min/mile) then 20 minutes spinning with high resistance.

My gym has a theater room where they play a different movie throughout the day and all the cardio machines you could think of are in there.  It’s a great way to distract yourself.

I came home, made some lunch, then cleaned our bedroom. I’m not great at putting my work clothes back in the closet, so after a couple of days on emergency, my room is a pig stein. Cleaned the showers, showered myself, then started laundry. ALL THE LAUNDRY. I didn’t realize how far behind I had gotten.  This picture is with one load already in the washer. 😢

When I become a real adult and buy a house, I plan to have two dryers so I can do laundry more efficiently. I hate the wait time between washing and getting the clothes dried.

I decided to take a break and watch a tv show and paint my toes. This brand (finger paint) holds up really well.  Even at my job, it lasted 6 days before it started to chip.

Then I vacuumed the floors. I vacuum pretty regularly and mop every few days. My dogs leave so much hair and grit from outside, I feel I have to vacuum daily.








I love this vacuum. If anyone is in the market, you should try this one. I’m a little crazy when it comes to vacuums. I’ve been through several and all were well researched before purchasing, but this one beats them all.  It’s lightweight, swivels for easy access under furniture or in bathrooms, and detaches at the handle for easy furniture cleaning. It’s the best.

I took the dogs for a walk because it was a beautiful day outside and I thought they needed it.

Washed my car, cleaned out my car, then planned dinner. I should go to the grocery store but I HATE it. So instead, I’ll use anything I have in my freezer to throw together a meal. Which probably means chicken. 😜

Who doesn’t love a clean car?

Hubbs should be home around 6 so we’ll probably watch some shows and catch up. That pretty much sums up my day off! I know, you’re super jealous. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing though.

Winston has waited on me to be lazy all day. He really likes his snuggle time.


In other news, I got registered and booked flights for Run Girl half marathon in Houston Texas.   I’m super excited, but I need to get some distance runs in ASAP. I plan to do about 8 miles this weekend and 10 the next. It may not be pretty, but it will do.

I also can’t believe thanksgiving is next week! This whole year seemed to go by so fast!
We typically don’t make it home for thanksgiving, so friendsgiving has taken its place.  Not sure what the plans are this year, but I’m sure turkey will be eaten. 😉

Have a great week!

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