Canvas and cocktails, injuries, and rest

Canvas and cocktails, injuries, and rest

Happy Saturday!!

The husband has some buddies in town this weekend, so I decided to join some work friends for canvas and cocktails!


Finished product:

I am by no means an artist,  but it’s fun and that’s all that really matters.

Afterwards I stopped for a little sweet tooth craving

I love frozen yogurt. It’s just the best.

Work was pretty mild this morning but I feel like this week has been full of wound repairs. Must be something with the moon, but most of my ER’s have been wound related.

This poor pup was victim of a dog park attack.  The wound looks minor, but it had a lot of gas under the skin (emphysema) which is really painful.  He got a cute bandage and some medications and should be good as new in a few days.

I had a great run on the trails yesterday and I am taking a break today.

I did an insanity workout and my back didn’t appreciate it.  It’s odd how some things are more irritating than others when we have injuries.  My back is a chronic problem and I’m usually good at knowing what I can and can’t do, but between wrestling dogs at work and my stubborn determination to keep running, I inevitably make it mad.  What’s important is we listen to our bodies when they tell us to slow down.  It’s hard for most runners to not run.  I think it’s as much mental as it is physical, but that release is needed.  It’s easy to run through the pain sometimes,  but as I get older I realize my body will only be as good to me, as I am to it.  So that being said, today is a rest and stretch day.

Can we please talk about how adorable this nephew of mine is?? He is going to be a heartbreaker!! Hope his parents are ready!! 😜

Sorry for the short post.  It’s been a long few days at work. ER shift tomorrow so hopefully and the animals BEHAVE!


UPDATE: Winston (my Frenchie) was pretty pissed the first kenneled night but has been good since.  And can I tell you that he has not peed in that kennel once! Little stinker! Anyway, we will continue to kennel him for a couple of weeks, then see how he is in the bedroom again.

Have a great weekend!

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