Snowy trails, salomon shoes, and bad dogs

Snowy trails, salomon shoes, and bad dogs

Yesterday, I woke up to this- not a true snow fall, but enough to cover the ground and trees.

You know your house is cold when your dog naps on the heater vents.

Jett and I constantly bicker about the temperature our house should be. I win because I set the programmer on the thermostat, and he doesn’t want to take the time to change it. I believe the house should be semi cold, or hot, depending on the weather outside. I’m very conservative when it comes to air conditioning or heating. My mom was the same way, either take clothes off or put more on.. just how it is.

It is Colorado, so the weather quickly changed and all the snow melted. I went for a trail run to one of my favorite trails around here. It’s a challenging trail (1200 ft elevation gain in the first mile), but never disappoints. You can almost lose yourself in a trail like this. It feels like you’re deep in the woods surrounded only by nature, even though it’s really not far from neighborhoods.

Deer creek canyon

The trails were covered in snow and some icy spots, but still worth the struggle.

There were few people on the trail which meant less packed snow which = less falling.  I did 5 miles total but I definitely slowed to a hike at some sections.  One day, my goal is to run this trail without needing to walk in the steep sections. Hasn’t happened yet,  but practice makes perfect.  I almost didn’t post this pic of my garmin because the pace is so slow.   Then, I remembered that I have the ability to run these trails and enjoy doing so AND I’m not training for anything, so why should time even matter?

I have run in several different types and brands of trail shoes, but the Salomon Pro Sense 2 are by far my favorite. They are a lightweight but versatile trail shoe. I got to try these shoes out, actually on this same trail, with a local running group. They have a rock plate in the bottom that makes trail running so much more comfortable. They also are as warm and as water proof as I think any running shoe can be. If you’re running in snow, mud, ice, or a mixture of it all, these are your shoes.

After my run I got cleaned up and met the Hubbs for lunch and a beer. I love getting to sneak in lunches mid week with him. It doesn’t happen often, which I think is why I cherish when we can.

A little hair cut, then back to the house chores before my ER shift today.

Courtesy salon foushee

I’m a little peeved with my youngest dog at the moment. I know I’m a veterinarian and everyone thinks we know how to train dogs and keep them from doing the things everyone else complains about, but we don’t. We’re actually taught little to no behavior training when in school. There are professional behavioralist, and I can’t speak highly enough about them. Anyway, Winston has decided his new favorite hobby is to wake up in the night, and pee by the door. Awesome huh? We let him out right before we go to bed, and my husband is usually up by 6am and let’s them out immediately. I know he can hold it, but for some reason, chooses to pee in this same spot. I’ve done the special cleaners and he’s well potty trained otherwise. So, he’s going back to his crate at night. 😳 I’m sure it will be a rough few nights, but I need to reset him, and this is the only way I know how. It makes me appreciate my older dog, who has been a saint since I adopted him from the shelter. I take no credit, he’s just awesome.

Best ol’ Mississippi mutt


P.S. Its almost the weekend!!

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