Bloating dogs, barre class, and wine!

Bloating dogs, barre class, and wine!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

It was my turn for the ER shift Sunday, and we started the day with a phone call that frightens any ER vet.  It was a German Shepard that was acting like she needed to vomit, but nothing would come up.
Of course we had them come straight in, but we were pretty sure of the diagnosis before we hung up the phone.  It was a GDV- Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus.  This term means the stomach filled with gas then flipped on itself stopping normal blood flow and food progression through the GI tract.  This happens most commonly in deep-chested dogs (i.e. german shephards, great danes, st bernards, weimaraners, poddles) who are fed a meal and generally speaking seem sick within 1-3 hours.

This orange outline shows a stomach that has bloated, and rotated 180 degrees on itself. The x is the location of the twist

What are the symptoms? Unfortunately, some people find the dog collapsed in the yard for no apparent reason, while others may notice stomach distention and the dog trying to vomit with no production.  The collapse is due to systemic shock from the lack of oxygen and blood supply to vital organs after the flip occurs.
What is the treatment? SURGERY.  The patient is given IV fluids to help with shock, then taken to surgery immediately.  The goal of surgery is to return the stomach to normal position, allowing blood flow to return.  If this is not achieved in time, and tissue dies, the patient can deteriorate quickly and die.  Even when the fastest care is given, these patients have a 20-30% chance of not surviving.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

So what can you do?
There is a preventive surgery for dogs predisposed to a GDV called a gastropexy.  This is commonly done at a young age, along with spaying or neutering. The stomach is attached to the abdominal wall in a way that discourages it from flipping.
Outside of surgery, not allowing dogs to exercise immediately after meals, feeding smaller meals, and feeding from an elevated bowl can help prevent the stomach from flipping.




After my long weekend I curled up on the sofa with my dogs, husband, and a glass of red wine.

Has anyone else tried
The website rotates bottles of wine at discounted prices. I got this bottle

For 13.99 and its original price was about $60.

I’ve ordered from them 3 times now, and I couldn’t be more pleased. You do have to order 4 bottles for free shipping, so they get you there.  Let’s be honest, 4 bottles of wine doesn’t last that long in my house, so no biggie there.

Our weather was a little less than ideal today.

It’s one of the few conditions I won’t run in, I hate sleet. I’m clumsy as it is, if you add ice, I WILL fall.
Instead I went to barre class at the gym.

I love pure barre.  It’s a great mix of toning and core work.  I think it supplements my running well, and it’s good for back problems.

And got in 5 miles on the treadmill. I don’t love running on the treadmill, but in the winter months I find myself more willing to run inside than in the snow or ice. I sweat A LOT when I run inside.
Cute right?

After, I made a quick run into the grocery store, and now I intend to spend the remainder of the day doing this..

With some intermittent house cleaning, of course.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be much nicer, so a good trail run is on the agenda.
Have a good night


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