Puppies, triathlons, and Christmas outfits!

Puppies, triathlons, and Christmas outfits!

ER shift was a peaceful one.  My best ER buds joined me for this one. 


I’m looking for a festive 10k or half marathon to run in the next month or so.  The only downfall of living somewhere with a “real” winter, is that the races are slim pickings.  I’m thinking of doing a Christmas themed race this year.  I ran St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon for 6 years straight, including the year I got married 1 week later.  It’s always the first weekend in December so I’m looking for a replacement.  I can’t make it home for Christmas, so might as well get into the Christmas spirit with hundreds of strangers who all share a common love for running.

This website has some awesome Christmas running costumes if anyone is in the need.


I was talking to someone today about triathlons and it reminded me of how much I miss them. They’re a pain to train for when you can barely find time for running alone, but so much fun to compete in.

I think the hardest part of a triathlon is forcing your body to change muscle activity so quickly. When we run, we almost lose ourselves in the motions. You might be in pain, but it’s the same muscles doing the same motion over and over.  Triathlons force the body into changing fast.  Swim, bike, run… what could be more fun!! My road bike is a Bianchi.  I’ve had it for 8 years and it still performs like new.

Triathlons will definitely have to wait until next summer because this girl does not like wet suits, or cold water.


We’ve had a lot of pregnancies in the clinic recently, mostly rescue dogs, but I thought I would end the post with some cuteness.


If you click the link it shows a teenie tiny little puppy heart beat! 

Dogs come into heat on average twice per year depending on size and breed.  Their gestation length is around 60days.  Pretty cute right!? Have a great evening!

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