Foreign bodies, make shift workouts, and being back home

Foreign bodies, make shift workouts, and being back home

I flew home Tuesday night and of course had a busy day waiting on me at work, so I’m blending Wednesday and Thursdays posts together.  My apologies, but sometimes you just have to make due with what you can.

I have to say it was pretty hard leaving this little pumpkin, but it’s always nice to get back home.

The weather is getting colder which means ski season is closely approaching! I started skiing the same year we moved here and it’s pretty addictive. If it were more feasible to take up cross-country skiing, I definitely would.  Best of both worlds, running and skiing.

 Such beautiful views when the mountains are covered in white snow.

We had a foreign body surgery today at the clinic… turned out the dog ate panties over 5 days earlier. It’s pretty impressive what a dog’s body can handle.  The only signs this dog had was vomittng.  Not even a fever. It reminded me of a case I had a couple of months ago that didn’t have quite as nice of an outcome so I thought I’d share that one.

**Warning- graphic images to follow

The patient should have had a zipper put in as a puppy.  Poor thing had already been to surgery 3 times before this for eating things she shouldn’t.  We had done the proper diagnostics including X-rays to determine the likelihood of a foreign body.  She was a prime suspect so in we went.  This is what happens when the intestines have lost blood supply for an extended period of time.

It’s not pretty.  The next step was to determine if the intestines can survive once blood flow was returned. This depends on a how long the blood supply has been compromised.

The brighter pink was considered normal healthy tissue.  This girl’s intestines did not look promising but after finding the culprit and allowing blood flow to return, the intestines had normal color and function.  If they would not have, we would have taken the “dead” intestines out surgically.

This was the sock that had become stuck in the intestines.  The dog recovered well and hopefully will not see another surgery soon.

Lesson being, while we can’t always watch our pets 24/7,  we can try to limit their access to items they may swallow. I’m no less guilty of this than my clients, but awareness is always key.


I missed spin class so the stair master and elliptical were my workout tonight.  I hate the stair master so 30 minutes was close to a miracle for me.

Planning to get an early morning run in tomorrow morning and ER shift for the night.

Wish me luck!

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