Porcupine vs Dog

Porcupine vs Dog

Happy half way through the week day!

Some days working at an emergency practice is hectic and endless.  Hospitalized patients, walk-ins, boarders, emergencies, and regular patient appointments are all in an 8 (hopefully) hour work day.

This was not one of those days.  Yes the morning is always busy, but everything just seemed to fall into place. THEN we got the phone call. Dog vs Porcupine.  Sounds terrible, but this is one of those emergencies that we all wait for. Of course it’s less fun for the dog, but its such an interesting, straight forward, rare emergency.

Let me tell you who looses every time

If you’ve never seen a quill up close, THEY ARE SHARP.   Our dogs are so impressive.   Most are just like this boy, acting like nothing is wrong while quills remain in his tongue, lips, and around his eyes.  He was quickly sedated, intubated, and the quills removed one by one.  He made a full recovery and will live to attack the next porcupine he sees.

I even managed to sneak in a run over lunch!

Colorado is such an awesome place for runners.  Much less the endless views, there is always a trail or sidewalk to run on.  This may sound ridiculous but in Mississippi this is not a thing.  Yes there are sidewalks, but they go through main streets, traffic, or just abruptly end.  Here the running routes are endless and the views will make you forget what mile you’re on or how far you have to go.

Spin class is on the agenda for tonight then a well deserved glass of red wine is calling my name!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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