Why blog?

Why blog?

I’m sure the common question to ask is, why am I starting this blog? Why does anyone care about another career driven woman, runner, or veterinarian for that matter. The answer is, I don’t have an answer. I’ve thought of starting a blog for years. At some point of almost every day I think to myself, I would write about this if I had a blog.  As we all know life gets in the way and two years pass and you’re still left wondering, why didn’t I do that?

So here I am. Starting a blog. I want this blog to be about life as a veterinarian and the issues I face day-to-day. I want this to be educational on topics pertaining to veterinary medicine.  I want it to be about my running adventures, struggles, and achievements.  Most importantly I want it to be about a busy life with a lot of ambitions and how we’re all just trying to keep it together.

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